Kangra Valley near Hotel in HimachalDharamshala: Welcome to Kangra Valley

The high snow-clad mountain ranges form a magnificent backdrop to the hill station of Dharamshala. This is the principal township of Kangra district and overlooks wide spread of the plains. Its sheer topographic diversity, with dense pine and deodar forests, numerous streams, cool healthy mountain air, verdurous & lush and pristine natural beauty and a nearby snowline, Dharamshala has everything to offer for a holiday traveller. The team at Blossoms Village Resort loves to arrange Kangra Valley tour for the visitors at hotel.

Dhauladhar mountain range surrounds the town on one side, with the Kangra valley below. Dhauladhar means "white ridge", and this breathtaking, snow-capped range rises to a height of 5,200 meters (17,000 feet). The Kangra Valley is a wide, fertile plain, criss-crossed by low hills, and is ideal for growing tea. Kangra tea has a special taste & aroma, and has been savoured by tea connoisseurs for many many years.


Picnic Spots near Dharamshala HotelAdjoining Attractions near the Hotel

Dharamshala offers exciting packages for everyone.

  • Numerous shrines, temples, ashrams, churches and monasteries - For spiritual travellers.
  • Museums and forts - Depicting the city’s wonderful history and past.
  • Waterfalls and lakes - For families and picnic lovers to enjoy.
  • Adventure - Paragliding, hiking & trekking, rappelling, bouldering to excite thrill seekers. Many avid motorcyclists have this city in their tour itinerary because of its ideal terrain.
  • Fishing/Angling - Adjoining Uhl river is famous for its trout.
  • Wildlife - An ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.
  • Cultural Centres - Promoting both Himachali & Tibetan dance and art. The Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) also debuted in 2012, showcasing national & world cinema.
  • Sports - The newly constructed HPCA Cricket Stadium (4.9 kms from the resort) hosts international games, as well as the IPL Tournament.
  • Relaxation - You can be as close to nature as possible, and soak it all in.

Every season and every spot has its own special offering, and it's own charm.